W9 Print Out

You can get a free printable W9 form here or at the W9 website www.PrintW9.com.

The site also offers free Spanish language W9 forms .It also offers a W8Ben form with W8 Instructions for foreigners who do not have a Resident Visa. There is the W9S for students or borrowers.

If you need the form you can just print out one form there for free, and also send the link to others who could use the site.

The W9 form is used to get information on a person or for other reasons, but in this case I'll talk about a specific situation where a guy does some small jobs for a company and he earns more than $600.00 in a year.
The company does not hire him but just pays him for these jobs.

So at the end of the year the company prepares a document for him called a 1099 form and sends it to him and files it with the IRS in their company tax filing.

 It has his information with Social Security number etc. and with the amount that he earned for the year.

The W9 is easy to fill out for him because it asks for name, address, social security number or TIN (Tax Identification Number)  whether he is a sole proprietor etc. and date.

 For information about filling out a W9 look to pages 2, 3, 4 for the instructions.

 Fill out the 1st page and submitted to the payer. So when you first fill out the form you can take a little time to see that for most of us how it can be uncomplicated.

My first time was a bit of a concern for a moment, but I immediately understood the simplicity of it.
Here is the page for the Instructions for the Requester of Form W9.

Have a beautiful day!

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